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He was a ringer. In his memoir, Surrender Is Not an Option , he says he left for Florida in haste, but not before returning his uncooked Thanksgiving turkey to his neighborhood grocery store. Bolton was rewarded for his work on the recount with the office of undersecretary of state for arms control and international security. He hounded Iran and North Korea about their weapons programs and incurred invective from the latter, colorful even by the standards of Pyongyang.

Within a year he was being considered as a possible deputy secretary. The Bush policy decision with which he is most closely associated is the one he was least involved in planning or executing: the invasion and occupation of Iraq. As a signatory, Bolton has been considered a charter member of the committee to invade Iraq. Today he pleads innocence.

Bush administration! He was, instead, sidelined by others in the administration. That was probably the kindest thing he ever did for me.

He cared that Saddam was an arms proliferator, but not that he cut out the tongues of his enemies. Fifteen years later, Bolton and Trump would utter similar comments about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, now accused of ordering the assassination of the Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. In , Bush nominated Bolton to be UN ambassador. Bolton and Bush knew to brace for a confirmation fight, but the bitterness and spleen exceeded expectations, and the hearings became a spectacle.

Senate Democrats blocked his confirmation, so Bush appointed him during a congressional recess. He served 17 months in the role. At the UN, he exuded contempt. I asked Bolton whether the U. Liberal internationalists, who tend to support the United Nations and the International Criminal Court, disagree. As a Bush official in the early s, Bolton worked to torpedo the International Criminal Court, on the grounds that the U. He achieved this goal by strong-arming more than countries, one by one, into agreeing never to turn Americans over to the ICC—thus rendering the U.

Hathaway says the notion that a tiny bureaucracy in The Hague would rob the U. America could have batted away an ICC prosecution. Many human-rights violators cannot, so on balance the court would make the U. But cooperation does mean constraint, and sometimes an international agreement will bind America to doing something it would prefer not to. Marriage can be hell.

The Final Call

So can divorce. Bolton sees the UN, and fans of international law more generally, as a clutch of nattering spouses, trying to get Uncle Sam to modify his behavior. The measure of an NSC, he said, is what it does : exiting the Iran nuclear deal, exiting the INF Treaty, managing an end to the Syrian civil war, preparing countermeasures to cyberattacks. The Iran deal, however, was finished long before Bolton arrived, and the Syrian civil war is neither over nor likely to be resolved favorably for America or its allies.

But that is a tactical surrender. When it fails, I need someone to be the one associated with it instead of me. Qaddafi ended up sodomized with a bayonet, then shot in the head. The person in whom power has been consolidated knows every trapdoor, booby trap, and strategically placed banana peel in the federal government. He says he models himself on Scowcroft.

The incessant consultation with top national-security officials has stopped. In previous roles, Bolton gave career bureaucrats meaningless tasks to keep them preoccupied. Now Bolton is so powerful that he can just fire bureaucrats, or tell them to get lost. Or—and here the shiv flashes from its scabbard—he can call the meetings, for the sole purpose of sinking rivals. T here are, however, conspicuously few wins to claim—unless you count averting catastrophic failure as a win.

The Doctrine of the Last Things (16) Armageddon and The Rapture

And at that Bolton has emerged as a quiet hero. Bolton sometimes sounds less like a national security adviser than a lawyer clawing back the utterances of an uncontrollable client. Bolton told me, further, that he personally favors increased immigration into the United States, through legal means. No policy change seems imminent. Another example is the American exit, or non-exit, from Syria. Mattis resigned in principled dudgeon, and wrote an open letter to Trump.

Bolton moved more slyly. Any further use will be met by a swift, strong response. If the U. But he seems to have achieved the delay in withdrawal that Mattis did not.

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And then there is NATO. NATO is one international accord Bolton considers worthwhile. And in noting that he no longer publicly criticized the president on NATO, he came close to being apologetic. Bolton turned 70 in November, and there are few higher offices to which he could aspire. During the early s, he flirted with a presidential candidacy, eliciting smirks from Republicans who imagined him riding buses across New Hampshire and Iowa, earnestly listening to the opinions of snowplow drivers, farmwives, and, yes, international-law professors.

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Groombridge said the point of the presidential bid was more realistic: to raise his profile and make him a candidate for secretary of state. His last attempt at Senate confirmation had failed, humiliatingly. Pompeo may have inherited a failed engagement with Pyongyang, but he has flexed his influence elsewhere, including in areas where Bolton might have expected to enjoy a larger role. Both men recently traveled to the Middle East, but Pompeo was greeted as the more important figure. During the nineteenth century, evangelicalism constituted the dominant religious expression within American society.

Fundamentalism grew out of American evangelicalism, of which it has become a major component. The other evangelical traditions are neo-evangelicalism and Pentecostalism. Fundamentalists and evangelicals share many core theological beliefs. Yet, while all fundamentalists are evangelicals, not all evangelicals are necessarily fundamentalists. The ties go back to long before the founding of the United States of America. I would say evangelicals are the very best friends Israelis have in the whole world outside their own family.

In fact, NCR leaders and members alike firmly believe that not to support Israel was to align oneself against the purposes of God. As Grace Halsell demonstrated in her Prophecy and Politics, the alliance between the State of Israel and the American evangelical movement was determined to eradicate the Palestinian population from their Holy Land and other Arab neighboring countries in order for the evangelicals to prepare for the Coming of the Messiah. Bush, who heavily relied on evangelical backing and at times promoted evangelical values and modes of thinking.

The Jewish population of the United States is either the largest in the world, or second to that of Israel, depending on the sources and methods used to measure it. They had not journeyed there intentionally. There are dovish American Jewish organizations that try to build domestic support for an end to the Israeli occupation, for a two-State solution, and for a robust American diplomacy that would help to achieve those goals without selling either Israelis or Palestinians down the river. Israel is where Jesus was born, ministered, was crucified, and rose again. They believe that human history follows a predetermined divine script, and they and Israel are simply playing their assigned roles.

Evangelicals' eschatological view of the Bible gives them a proprietary interest in Israel. In a way, they think the Holy Land belongs to them as much as it does to the Israelis. Every year thousands of evangelicals take what amounts to a religious pilgrimage to Israel to "walk where Jesus walked" and see for themselves places they have read about in the Bible.

But as Israel — the key element in the apocalyptic scenario — seems always in danger, they increasingly want to do what they can to protect it, to make sure that it will be where it is supposed to be to carry out its unique role in the end times. Well-educated, Darby graduated from Trinity College with honors.

After a flirtation with numerous Bible societies and conferences in Dublin, he sought and obtained ordination at the new Anglican parish in Calvary in Since , he had been meeting with a number of like-minded dissenters and even regular Anglicans in Plymouth, England. Darby made a number of missionary visits to North America in the s and s promoting his message. As Timothy P. Since they place the Second Coming before the Millennium, dispensationalists are called premillennialists.

In the twenties, many fundamentalists considered dispensationalism a non-negotiable part of Christian orthodoxy. To that end, they joined hands with American and Israeli Jews in providing political and practical support for the State of Israel. Beginning in the s, they traveled to Israel in great numbers, and founded dozens of groups at home to lobby for Israel in Congress, the State Department, and the news media.

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They also provided humanitarian aid to Israel and assisted Jews from the former Soviet Union and other places who wanted to immigrate to the Holy Land. On the American side, evangelicals realized that they needed to become more hands-on in their support of the Jewish State due to the increasing pressure on Israel to make peace with its neighbors by giving up occupied territory. Often this support resulted in a strong advocacy of the policies promoted by the more hard-line forces within the Jewish state.

The more the evangelical-Israeli relationship developed, the more blatant political evangelical support for Israel became. Many evangelical leaders were honored by the State of Israel. The evangelical-Israeli relations had become so close that no Israeli Prime Minister since Menahem Begin would think of making a trip to the United States without checking in with leaders of the New Christian Right.