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I love your book. I keep it on my coffee table and reach for it daily. I appreciate your journey. This article really resonated with me.

I have been on a quest to move on for well over 10 years now. Unfortunately, I grew up in a very negative and angry family. I met a wonderful man and we quickly got married, but my old family turned on me.

Let Go, Learn How to Let Go of Someone You Love to Move On

They were so hurtful towards me and said so many cruel things. I cried a lot. I worried a lot. I prayed a lot. I never know what will set her off and she has managed to ruin relationships with immediate family. I still feel compelled to look after her and converse with her even though it harms me because she is my mother.

Sometimes we just need to move forward and let go of the past to protect the future generations and give them the loving example of our Heavenly Father. I have been encountering this kind of thing for years now, involving my mother AND children. Am wondering though, do you still have contact with your immediate family, and how is it all going, either way?

Well, it has been a year since that first downfall happened that I cannot let go of it. That is why I took the decision to search and read articles in the net and it happened that I read yours this. I always thought that maybe I needed time to wait for that someone but the longer I wait the more painful it may seem.

So I really thank you about this article. As a Christian I believe that I need to read and listen to the teachings of God which is in the Bible to relieve my situation but perhaps God painted something around, and made you His instrument to enlighten people whose life lives in the past and whose future is so glaring.

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I realized no one but we ourselves can make us free!! We cannot give the power to make us feel a certain way, we cannot allow others to drive us. I need to take responsibility of my own actions. This is great advice for moving forward, it is very difficult when you are in a situation where the paths you wish to take to move yourself on are blocked by those trying to bring you down.

For example, during my time at university I tried to move forwards from bullies who continued to block my every move, through facebook stalking and rumour spreading, even to my academic staff. I felt completely trapped in this situation, and all my confidence had been undermined…. Your advice and article is really good, nice. To live my life to the fullest with or without him. But after a long 6years here I am again fall in love with a wrong person. For me he is my ideal man,.. I need to let go of things that makes me feel sad.

And thank you so much for I found,….. God bless. Really really thank you for this article.. Thank you for this reminder, I am a domestic violence counsellor and have been struggling for years under the stress of an under resourced organisation and being placed in the role of management and trying to fit! With high blood pressure and burn out I have struggled on to meet client needs and organisational demands as well as working in system that mirrors the crisis and chaos so many clients face!! Reading your article helped remind me of the things I know and tell others but that I am not really practicing in my own life!

I am finding it so difficult to let go, so am pleased to have found this article at a time when I need support to reflect and learn to move on. I have to move on from an association that has been abusive on my part. I have been assaulted twice for deeds my elder brother did and am afraid that the scenario may replay again. I have been in denial for ten years thinking the father of my children will marry me and be a family together in the same house. This breaks my heart. It never came and I finally had the courage to ask him to move out of my home 5 years ago.

It does get better though! Much to my surprise, I am better off financially, physically and mentally.

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I am finally starting to realize my worth, how strong I am. He told me I would be nothing without him. That I would fail. I did not! I am also noticing that others do feel the same about it! I know what is holding me back. It is my falut and i need to correct it now. Therefore, your article can help me to move on from it. I hope I will have all strength to do so…. Thanks for this! I love your posts!

Was wondering some advice on something. I was adopted, I am 47 years old and recently within the last year I have realized that my adoptive family are somewhat toxic and distanced myself from them with only an occasional card or text. The thing is when I speak to them, my anxiety level goes through the roof and I dread any contact with them, and I am finally figuring out why. They are very nosy and critical and go behind my back to find out things about me and my goings on. When I try to voice my concerns they throw it back on me. It has gotten worse since I distanced myself and they still feel like I am in the wrong.

The funny part is, Im happier without them. Is that wrong? I have an older sister who has caused a lot of drama in our lives. We are not on speaking terms. I realised that this was the only way I could move on with my life. I still sometimes morn the loss of a sister when I see other sisters doing stuff together, but realising that I have a beautiful daughter who I can build a relationship with is a definite plus in my life. I really just want to thank you for providing this article.

Its given me a sense of hope in moving on and letting go of my traumatic pass. Im currently trying to find peace within myself so i can continue my walk in life and have the future i deserve. I know I need to move forward. When after 10 years, nothing has changed, still broken, still hopeful, still everything wrong.

How to Let Go: Learning to Deal with Loss

I am in a vicious circle and a down ward spiral, out of control of bitterness and brokenness. I am trying so hard. Some good days and a lot of bad days.

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I had a girlfriend….. Its not like i was cheating on her, No. I just didnt loved her same way she loved me. I was a dramaboy hahaha…. I was rude, very rude to her. But eventually i figured out why am I behaving like this to her. She is a human and she loves me dearly… Eventully i started having feelings for her.

I was hurted, she didnt loved me anymore. I spent my days crying very much begging for her love she been rude with a cold heart. It was tough time if my life cause then i was loving her truly. Thank you for your words. I am struggling with a husband who is nothing like he used to be.

Married 21 years, 2 kids.

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He was amazing for so many years. The best dad, and husband, but for the last 5 has been emotionally abusive cheated, and frankly mean.