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See the comic being made and the steps in the process - One Physical Poster Print. Any character from any universe choice. Single character, no background - Digital Speed Painting from Ewelina. Single character, limited Background - Cameo in the comic. Rasmus, Kenny, Ewelina and possibly any others - Physical poster collection. Single character, limited Background - Signed copy of the screen play for LoD and a copy of original comic script to issue 1 - Physical poster collection. Single character, no background - Cameo in the comic. Your name will be on the inside of the cover, posters and other things!

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Sep 25, - Oct 26, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tramps start wearing underwear and going back to church to grease the moral judges who make the final call. Former-Princesses-turned-parents habitually bribe the school with donations of new library wings to ensure their own children's royal legacies. Even the boys go on celery-hot-sauce diets to drop a few pounds before their campaign photo shoots. Yes, the guys take it that seriously, too.

Unless, of course, we're talking about my boyfriend. I love him, okay?

Addict (Conspicuous Consumer, Glutton, Workaholic–see also Gambler)

Mike and I are undoubtedly the school's most-likely-to-succeed couple. All I'm saying is if everyone in the world could get away with caring about certain things as little as Mike does.

Epic Author Facts: Elana K. Arnold - Damsel

And the campaign is only the beginning! After the ballots are cast and the winners announced, the real reign of Palmetto Prince and Princess begins. Basically: You've arrived. To celebrate, the whole school throws you a massive week-long party. First, there's the country club coronation--to which the Prince and Princess arrive by a glittering horse and carriage.

Then there's the Jessamine Day--where all the girls sport their glorified state-flower corsages. There's the famous "Path to Palmetto" video, widely distributed, and known to have gotten more than a few former Royals into their choice of Ivy Leagues. Finally, of course, there's the Ball. Rex, with his buzzed red hair and biceps always bulging through his rolled up T-shirt sleeves, was way more laid-back than he looked at the moment.

Usually, he was only a taskmaster when it came to getting the right number of kegs to his parties.

But from the panicked expression of his lanky sophomore assistant, Rex was taking his job as Campaign Commissioner pretty seriously this year. As the sophomore flipped frantically through a stapled packet of rules and regul ations, Rex looked up and grinned at me. Rex and Mike had been tight since they accidentally tied their shoelaces together back in second grade, so I was used to them horsing around. But this week was no time to get a stupid football injury! Usually, I love Mike's carefree-yet-successful way of going about high school--he definitely balanced me out.

But Mike's place on the Court should have been just as much of a shoo-in as mine this year. It would be, too, if he'd just put in the tiniest bit of effort--well, and if it weren't for Justin Balmer. I leaned over to tap the packet Rex's lackey was still fumbling through.

Of all the posters plastered on the wall, Justin's was the one I knew I'd be most unnerved by--so I'd made myself promise to avoid it. I was this close to reaching the junior bathroom safely when I came face to face with J. In the picture, Justin stood tan and shirtless on one of his boats in his father's marina down near Folly Beach.

And okay, it wasn't an entirely unattractive photo. In fact, the intense look in his deep-green eyes almost made me stumble forward. When I leaned in for a closer look, I realized I knew that boat. I'd once spent an endless evening on it back when.

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Justin Balmer, the poster read, a Prince eighteen years in the making. Please, more like eighteen years in the faking. I'd learned the hard way that J. You'd be hard-pressed to find a bigger sham--and at Palmetto, that was saying something.

Clancy Sigal

I squinted at the picture, wondering which Bambi skank had taken it, and when. Bookmark Name it so you can find it faster next time. Save changes Close. Web Series.

Wonder Woman. Tonight on Black Sails Eleanor seemed victorious, but will it last? Eleanor comes through and single-handedly rescues Abigail Ash. Admittedly, we were wrong. Seriously, could Abigail not have helped earlier?

Musings of a Canadian book reader, coffee drinker, and dog-lover.

Way to be the stereotypical damsel in distress. Abigail only ended up helping after Eleanor has injured her hand, and Eleanor tells her that they are about to be discovered. This threat from Vane? Eleanor should have no doubt. BlackSails pic. Charles Vane was warned by numerous people not to trust Eleanor. She certainly is his weak spot. Right now, he has bigger concerns. Where else given the situation would she have gone? Can an alliance like Max proposes work out? For that matter, why should Anne trust Max?

Fragility is not a look that Anne Bonny wears well. Billy Bones and James Flint willingly on the same team, not even Flint can believe it. In the end it comes down to two things: 1. Billy being uncertain of what really happened on deck the night of the storm, and 2. Billy and Flint, for the moment, have the same goals.